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صفحه اصلیمقالاتPublished Article on:ECMO-assisted resection of huge thoracic mass

Published Article on:ECMO-assisted resection of huge thoracic mass

ECMO-assisted resection of huge thoracic mass

Some advanced thoracic malignancy cannot be resected safely by using of conventional ventilation, so some sort of cardiopulmonary support is needed for hemodynamic and ventilation management of the patient. Using extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) in comparing with cardiopulmonary bypass has some advantages. Three patients with huge thoracic tumors with different ages experienced major surgery in our center by using ECMO in order to face major complications mainly due to the size of mass to achieve better hemostatic stabilities, lower bleeding, and injuries to main airways and secure oxygenation. This is the first case series in Iran, as our best knowledge that explains cases of huge chest mass which were operated perfectly by using ECMO and short ICU stay and interestingly no major complications.

Alireza Jahangirifard, Zargham Hossein Ahmadi, Abolghasem Daneshvar Kakhaki, Behrooz Farzanegan, Kambiz Sheikhy


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