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Procalcitonin BNP

Comparison between Procalcitonin, Brain Natriuretic Peptide, and Uric Acid in Children with Cardiomyopathy and Controls



This study was performed to determine the level of procalcitonin, Brain Natriuretic Peptide (BNP), and uric acid in children with cardiomyopathy in comparison with controls and the association with echocardiographic findings.


The levels of BNP, procalcitonin, and serum uric acid were measured and the amounts of biomarkers compared with echocardiographic findings.


In this study mean age of participants was the same (? = 0.321). The majority of echocardiographic indices in left and right heart have different means in case and controls (? < 0.05). Means of BNP, procalcitonin, and uric acid were 213.814 ± ۳۰۹٫۶۰۱, ۹٫۳۲۶ ± ۳٫۸۸۱, and 6.846 ± ۱٫۸۱۴ for case group and 2.76 ± ۱٫۰۱۳, ۱٫۸۵۱ ± ۱٫۴۶۶, and 3.317 ± ۰٫۹۲۴ for control (? < 0.001), respectively. In the patients group there was relationship of Ross classification with BNP (?2 = 15.845, ? < 0.05) and with age (?2 = 8.946, ? < 0.05). For uric acid and procalcitonin no significant relationships were observed.


procalcitonin, uric acid, and BNP had significant relationship with many echocardiographic findings in participants. For patients, procalcitonin did not show correlation. The severity of illness based on the Ross classification showed significant correlation with BNP level and age in patients.

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