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صفحه اصلیدسته‌بندی نشدهانتشار مقاله روشهاي سنجش برونده قلبي در جراحي قلب

انتشار مقاله روشهاي سنجش برونده قلبي در جراحي قلب

Cardiac output measurement methods in heart surgery

 Sustainable monitoring of cardiovascular system and its effective factors are considered as a permanent challenge for the surgical team. The need to control the condition of the heart and to better understand its condition has led to a supervisory topic called advanced hemodynamic monitoring, along with all previous regulatory approaches. This is a set of different techniques for instantaneous monitoring cardiovascular status and its influencing factors (In order to timely intervene and to establish the relationship between hemodynamic components to physiological conditions). Cardiac output, as the most important cardiac function index, is an integral part of cardiac monitoring systems. Measuring this indicator over the past few years has seen a wideranging change that clearly highlights its importance. However, the creation of new systems to reduce patient harm has also been a top priority for these monitoring systems. Cardiac surgery is one of the most serious cases requiring accurate assessment of cardiac output and advanced hemodynamic monitoring. The careful and successful conduct of cardiac surgeries depends on the correct and timely recognition of the function and hemodynamic status in order to proper intervention. The importance of measuring this indicator and the extent of changes in its techniques reveals the need for an accurate study in this area. Therefore, the present study investigates various cardiac output measures in cardiac surgery

دكتر عليرضا جهانگيري فرد بيمارستان مسيح ، پژوهشكده سل و بيماريهاي ريوي ، مركز تحقيقات جراحي ناي ، دانشگاه علوم پزشكي شهيد بهشتي ،استاديار گروه بيهوشي بخش جراحي قفس صدري ،دانشوري

دكتر ضرغام حسين احمدي بيمارستان ، پژوهشكده سل و بيماريهاي ريوي ، مركز تحقيقات پيوند ريه ، دانشگاه علوم پزشكي شهيد بهشتي ، استاديار گروه جراحي قلب و عروق بخش جراحي قفس صدري ،مسيح دانشوري

سيدبشير ميرتاجاني بيمارستان مسيح دانشوري ، پژوهشكده سل و بيماريهاي ريوي ، مركز تحقيقات مايكوباكتريولوژي ،دانشگاه علوم پزشكي شهيد بهشتي


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